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Your wedding day is near. The planning didn't scare you. You're not nervous about the ceremony. Even the thought of spending the rest of your life with this one person doesn't send you screaming from the room. But... your first dance does. The nightmare is vivid and recurring. The band strikes up. You take each other's hands and walk out on the floor. With one hundred and fifty of your nearest and dearest staring at you, one of you trips. You recover, only to stomp on each other's feet...repeatedly. For the next three endless minutes, you bear-hug and sway, just like you did at the senior prom. 

Maybe this scenario is a true nightmare for you and maybe it is not. Maybe you are a couple that is just looking forward to having a blast on the dance floor. Your first dance should be nothing short of a wonderful moment at the beginning of your lives together. 


There are quite a few variables that can help answer this question. How many dances do you want to learn? How good do you want to get? How complicated do you want your first dance to be? Most people have not even asked themselves these questions, let alone have answers to them. Don't worry, we will help you figure out what is best for you. 

The best scenario is starting four to six months before the big day. Some couples have come to us as early as two years before their wedding day. It is up to you. We recommend a bare minimum of six private lessons beginning about two months before the wedding. 


On your first visit to Arthur Murray Hamden you will meet with a certified Arthur Murray Instructor, who will begin to get to know you and assess your goals and needs. This teacher will be your guide throughout the whole learning process. After you have had a lesson or two your teacher will be able to evaluate your learning styles and explain how we can best suit your needs and meet your goals. 


Introductory Program

3 Lessons

(2 Private, 1 Group)


$299.00 Value! Over 60% Savings!

*may be purchased as a gift*
good for singles or couples
first time students only
one per household / couple
Not to be combined with any other offer

*Restrictions May Apply*



We will cover everything from the moment you enter the floor, to a great dip or spin at the end of your dance. We will take many things into account such as the size of the floor, length of the bride's dress, whether you have a band or a DJ. We will be asking many questions so we can prepare you properly. Most of your lesson time will be spent on your first dance, but you will also be introduced to some other popular dances so you can dance to many different types of music. 

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If you have already selected your wedding music just let us know the title and the artist and we will have it waiting for you on your first lesson. We will listen to it and let you know which dance is appropriate for that specific piece of music. If you haven't picked a song yet we would be happy to help with that as well. Some of our couples in the past have experimented with different dances and then made a choice of their wedding song based on their favorite dance. 



Much time and effort was spent on finding the dress that is uniquely you, now let us tailor a wedding dance that fits you just as well. Simple or complicated, social or showy, whatever your choice we will make you comfortable and have you looking natural on the dance floor. Our wedding specialists will help you figure out what is best for you so your wedding dance reflects your personality and taste. 


We will be asking many questions. The better we get to know you and the more we know about your wedding day, the better we can design a first dance that is the perfect fit. 




Are there other dances that will be a focus on your wedding day. Is the Bride dancing with her Father? Is the Groom dancing with his Mother? If so, we would be glad to help with those as well. We will keep is simple and comfortable, so you can enjoy the moment and not worry about the dance. 


Many couples purchase extra lessons so they may work with their parents. Some buy lessons for the entire wedding party and have fun learning together before the big day. This way you have your own private group so you all know the same material and can have lots of fun on the dance floor together. We will be glad to tailor a program for your specific needs.

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