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The History of Arthur Murray Dance Studios

Arthur Murray himself, first started teaching people to dance in 1912. Starting with a "learn to dance at home" mail order business. He started his first dance studio in 1923 on 43rd St. in New York City.

Since that time the Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios have grown and now have studios throughout the world. There are presently studios in The United States, Canada, Australia, Italy, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Japan, The United Kingdom, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Austria, U.A.E., Lebanon, Jordan, Switzerland, Peru, Romania, Taiwan, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, and Brazil. Arthur Murray's dream of teaching the world to dance is being fulfilled. Standardized lessons are interchangeable from one Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studio to another. You are guaranteed your lessons will be honored wherever there is an Arthur Murray Dance Studio.  

Arthur Murray Hamden has served the greater New Haven area since 1984.

Arthur Murray...

Teaching the World to Dance Since 1912

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