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Practices & Parties

Introductory Program

3 Lessons

(2 Private, 1 Group)


$299.00 Value! Over 60% Savings!

*may be purchased as a gift*
good for singles or couples
first time students only
one per household / couple
Not to be combined with any other offer

*Restrictions May Apply*

Supervised Practice Sessions

Supervised Practice Sessions are designed for, but not limited to, the newer student. They will help you apply your dancing to the social dance floor as well as develop an ear for which dance is appropriate for any given piece of music. For the practice sessions we keep the music to types and tempos that work best for the newer dancer. As always the Arthur Murray Staff is available to dance with you and to answer questions that come up as you apply the learning from the private and group instruction. 


The social heart of the studio, the Arthur Murray Parties are a must for the final topper of the learning process. It is a fun and relaxed environment that is open to the entire student body. Enjoy your dancing along with the other students and the staff. If you are a newer student, it is amazing how much you can learn just from seeing the advanced dancers and the teachers take the floor. If you are a little frightened don't worry, everyone starts out that way. In no time you will be enjoying yourself and meeting some really great and welcoming people!

Are You Ready to Start Dancing? 

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