Precautionary Steps We're Taking to Keep Our Students Safe in Times of Uncertainty

After being closed for over 3 months we are happy to provide in studio lessons once again in the safest way possible.



At Arthur Murray Hamden we take the current pandemic very seriously. The health and safety of our students and staff is paramount.

Every day the staff will have their temperature taken upon arriving at work. Any staff member with even the slightest cold or flu symptoms or a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be allowed to work. We will be wearing masks for all in person lessons. The studio is equipped with 6 air purifiers that have a UV light inside to help reduce the risk of contracting airborne viruses. The volume of the air in the ballroom is completely filtered every 20 minutes. Teachers will be washing hands in between each and every lesson. There will not be anyone at the front desk for now to help limit the amount of people in the building at any given moment. There is hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes all throughout the studio. Surfaces that are frequently touched will be disinfected many times throughout the day. The water fountain, coffee pot, and snacks will all be off limits for now but we will continue to provide bottled water, soda and iced tea in the ballroom refrigerator.  We encourage students to bring their own water bottle which can be filled at the water fountain since no one will be drinking from it.



When arriving at the studio, we ask that you stay in your car or outside until five minutes before your scheduled lesson time. Since it is required for all students to wear masks, we ask that you enter already wearing yours. Please go directly into the ballroom without spending time in the reception area unless you need to make an appointment or take care of tuition. We encourage all students to wash their hands or at least use hand sanitizer prior to your lesson. (Hand washing is more effective.) Please knock when entering restrooms. Even though both bathrooms accommodate more than one person we are going to ask for one at a time to keep from having multiple people in such a small space. At the start of your lesson a staff member with check your temperature with a forehead thermometer. As long as you are below 100.4 you are good to go. We are also required to ask a couple of health-related questions such as, have you been out of the country? do you have any cold type symptoms? have you been in contact with anyone with Covid-19? etc. When your lesson is over, we ask that you stay in the ballroom to change your shoes and spend no more than five minutes gathering your things and making your way out. If you are ever feeling unwell please reschedule your lesson. We are waiving our rescheduling policy for anyone with health-related reasons.



We are now allowed to have private lessons in the studio for anyone who feels comfortable doing so. Some have asked to keep their private lessons virtual for the time being. Virtual private lessons will remain an option for as long as necessary. We are more than happy to accommodate that for any who prefer that format. 


In person lessons can be done 1. At social distance side-by-side with the teacher 2. No touch. Meaning the teacher will face the student but no contact or, for a couple, the teacher will demo for you but not with you. 3. A traditional private lesson. The choice is yours. 



This is one of the biggest changes and challenges we will be dealing with. For the time being we will only be teaching one lesson at a time. Not one per teacher, but literally one at a time. All lessons will be on the hour. Since lessons are 45 min each this will allow us to get the previous lesson out and the next lesson in without people crossing paths in the studio. The 15 minutes in between will also allow time to wipe down frequently touched surfaces and for the staff to wash their hands.  For students with previous standing appointments, those times will not apply but we will do everything in our power to keep your days and times as close as possible to what they were. One day down the road when we resume a true normal your previous standing appointment times will be intact. Since it is tricky working the schedule out, we ask that anyone who has the luxury of being able to take afternoon lessons to do so. This greatly helps. Even if you cannot do an afternoon lesson, being flexible with your days and times is greatly appreciated. Since there are a limited amount of time slots, we ask that you try, as best as you can, to avoid rescheduling your lesson on the day of the appointment unless it is for health-related reasons.


We may eventually increase the number of lessons in any given time slot but we will give you plenty of notice prior. We will keep this schedule for now and we will assess as we go along. We will always keep you informed of our decisions and any appropriate changes. 



For the foreseeable future group classes will remain online with three different classes each week. Enrolled students receive weekly emails with the login information to be able to access the classes via Zoom.


As you can see, we are doing everything possible to keep the students and staff of Arthur Murray Hamden safe. We unfortunately, for legal reasons, have to state that a we cannot guarantee anything and anyone resuming in-studio activity is doing so at their own risk.

One day down the road when it becomes appropriate, we will gradually phase back to our usual schedule. As things go forward, we will keep you informed.


Stay safe, Stay Healthy, Keep Calm and Dance On!


Best Regards,

Kevin McHugh


Arthur Murray Hamden

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